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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BAO Format Tournament Management Suite

Over the past couple of months, I have been building the tournament management suite that we will be using to run the 2 RTTs at X-Con 2012 in May.

This software is designed to run battle points (can do win/loss as well with some creating scoring) tournaments which use the Bay Area Open GT Format for utilizing all 3 book missions in play as objectives for a single mission.

This suite also handles Sports Scoring, Appearance Scoring, Generalship Scoring, and Best Overall, including a lot of variations and options.

The entire suite is also designed to run a completely paper free tournament which can be nearly hands off for a tournament organizer, allowing players to register themselves, enter in their own round scores, sports scores, and collect appearance judge scores, using various applications and files, into the final scoring portion of the main program.

A very rudimentary document is included in the zip file which explains most of the details.

This software is currently in Beta Version 1.0. It's working, but I haven't fully tested it yet to work out any bugs. Also keep in mind that I didn't idiot proof it either. So, there are several ways I'm sure you can crash the program by doing inappropriate actions.

Feel free to use. If you find any bugs, send me an e-mail:

I will release a new version when I finish full out testing and bug fixing.

Here's where the zip file is:

I should mention these are .NET applications. So, will require .NET Framework 4 (probably) and most likely won't work on a Mac, as I don't think there is a .NET Framework download for Mac? Dunno! Not a Mac guy.

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