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Friday, August 24, 2012

Next week, the 11th Company will be live video broadcasting the top tables at the Nova Open starting next week Thursday roughly at 4PM Eastern time.

We will have the players wear wireless mics, so you can hear their discussions during their game. We will have between game interviews with various attendees and guests, and have the channel open for players wanting to broadcast their game live before and after the tournaments during open gaming.

Please join us in the chat room while watching the broadcasts live Thursday August 30th - Sunday September 2nd, or catch the archived broadcasts after the event. We would greatly appreciate it if you shared the above information on your blog/podcast/forums or shared with your friends.


  1. Man, I really want to watch those games but I will be out of town that weekend.

    What are the odds?

  2. Hi guys! Thanks for the awesome coverage at Nova. Next year, could you labor to get a screen shot of the lists that the players are using at the start of the match? Also, when's the nova podcast out? surprising lack of coverage this year all around - everyone must be pretty beat!


  3. probably not going to happen. We had a hard enough time getting lists before the game started, let a lone getting players names and what they played. Also, realize we both played in the events. We have limited time between rounds to get people mic'ed up and camera reset from 'moon landings' on our rig. I resorted at one point to stealing list from the list checkers to have them to talk about, i am not going to spend my time retyping lists.(Pat)

  4. We're hoping to expand staff bandwidth next year, so that we have people who can be truly dedicated to that sort of thing. We had one this year, but as soon as some other stuff came up, he got re-tasked due to prioritization.

    Our bad, not 11th Co's.


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