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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lost Necron Display Board

Lately I have been getting a lot of email regarding the lost Necron display board we spoke about on the podcast. Those of you who live in the Philadelphia area can visit it at Stomping Grounds hobby store in Warminister. Or you can check my post for this week.

Using MS Publisher, I created a template for a giant annihilation barge like structure
Cut out the template and position for size
I use the template twice. First to cut the lower section, then I cut all the top sections. The key was labeling all of these so I remember where they all fit afterward
All the pieces are now in place, thanks to some clever spacers
To give it a more a ruined look, I use ordinary household Spackle to create areas where debris and the sand have claimed the ruins
I added a large hill to break up the backdrop to help create the forced prospective for the background
Using a stock "sci fi background" image, I print it out, spray adhesive to a base and position 1" behind the hill
Time to paint! The base is Calient Brown, the ruins Deep Space. I left the Spackle portions unpainted for now
All of the Spackle areas are painted with Airy Tan. I then dry brush all areas to create the desert look and highlight the ruins
I added Iron ore flock (basically a crimson medium ballast) to add some more color balance & give it a more desert look. The client had replaced the tradition green rods in the Gauss weapons with red rods, so this was a great way to tie it all together

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