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Friday, August 27, 2010

Interview related stuff post Nova open

Survived the Nova open and crazy traffic. I have some interviews to edit.
I Interviewed my Vanilla space marine opponent, Rick Bond, he runs a rifleman dread related list. I also got a hold of Cheatin' Steve's Tau opponent, Old Shatter hands, Author of Tau of War. I still have to edit my chat with Chris Jones, the Professor from The BattleZone. I interviewed a Previous captain of the french ETC team, Pierre. I interviewed Jeff Dunster with his interesting and unique IG list. I still have an interview to edit from Big Jim, which i had forgotten i still had till he reminded me during my last interview with him. I also still have material from Neil Kerr and Rob Harvatt to fix.

Little short on time lately, real job getting hectic at the start of the school year, own kids, etc....

If anyone has leads to interviews they would like to see done, hit me up, i am a glutton for punishment and slave labour.

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