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Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to the Desert of 40K

Welcome to the east coast desert of 40k!

Want to know where that is? Find the little state on the east coast marked "SC". Then, find the eastern most pointed tip. That's us right there!

Now, check this out: GT Circuit

Here's the thing, the closest GT to us was the NOVA Open which was in Virginia. Next closest? Check out the tip of FL or all the way to PA or NY. Have any idea of how far that is away? I'll tell you. The NOVA Open (the closest) was about 8 hours! Tip of Florida or New York? 12+ depending on where you want to go!

What's that you say? What about this thing over in Tennessee? It's a 1000 points "team" tournament. Great for hobbyists I'm sure, but as I'm sure you can guess, doesn't exactly "jump out" at me.

So, what's it like in the desert of 40K? If you want to travel to an event of any size, it takes 4 days. One day to drive. Two days to be there. One day to come back. We did the NOVA in three, but in any case, you are still looking at having to take time off of work to go ANYWHERE!

This boggles my mind. It really does. So, there is this thing in the middle of GA on that map called Atlanta. It's the 33rd largest city in the nation, and it's barren. What gives! Indeed, three states, GA, NC, and SC are barren, but there are people here. Do we all drive 8 hours to get to a GT? I'm guessing so!

So, what does it take to get a GT around here? Geez!

So, we live in sunny Myrtle Beach.

We have hotels. We have convention centers. What we don't have is many people to play. Indeed, it's either us (The Myrtle Beach Wild Bunch) or this small store Corsair Comics. However, there are stores out there! Stores that are much closer than 6 hours away, and they sell 40K Products. Indeed, they hosted 'Ard Boyz tournaments in multiple spots across SC, NC, and GA.

So, how do we start a GT? I've got sunny beachside resorts. I've got an airport, transportation, and even places gamers could drop their wife and kids off at while they had a good time at the tournament. (Golfers do it all the time!) I'm interested! I really am.

You get really thirsty when you live in the desert! :)


  1. First off, I think you are doing the right thing. If you can not find a game, make the game.

    If you are going to run a tournament, I really think you should start out like the guys from Battle for Salvation. They started off running a small 30 or 40 man RTT, twice a year. After having several successful events, they have now decided to go for a full blown GT.

    I believe this is the correct course of action. Give it a feeling out process. Beyond that, you need to first find a place to hold the event. Then you need to figure out the maximum number of gaming tables you can support with terrain and "gaming officials." Next, you need to figure out your prize support: sponsors, out of the pocket (yikes!), partially paid for with fees, etc? How much will you charge for the event? Will you offer refreshments? Food? Vendor? Catered?

    I could keep going, but this comment box will cut me off. I think an 11th Company tournament is a great idea....just a wee bit far for me to travel!!!

  2. Locations are easy. We have more hotels with conference centers around here than we have McDonald's. Cost is a different story! I think we could do it though. Myrtle Beach is consistently rated one of the top family vacation destinations in the US because of cost.

    Tables are easy. Caterers can get you 6x4 or 8x4 tables for very little money. Food is easy. It's the beach! Transportation and hotels are easy, easy. Really, everything is pretty much right here and easy to get to. All we would really need is a plan, some money, and some time.

  3. Myrtle Beach really does sound like it will provide you will all of the necessary requirements for little or no cost.

    I just wish it wasn't so far.

    That really only leaves Prize Support (can you say sponsors!) and coming up with a format.

    I think given your listeners and such, you really could make this a successful event.

    Given the fact that Mr. Vega and the Conquest tournaments are no longer going to be sanctioned for golden tickets, you could probably even get the okay to make it a Golden Ticket event. I wish you guys luck!

  4. Myrtle Beach sounds like an awesome place for a tournament. It wouldn't really be any closer for me than any other one, Tuscaloosa Alabama isn't exactly a Mecca for 40k. That said, I am still completely confused why Atlanta can't seem to support 40k. I have played with some people from that area, and they were tons of fun, yet their GW store shut down. Same goes for Charlotte.

  5. It boggles me too. Atlanta is a very large city and Charlotte is a decent size.

    I can say that if you want to play Magic, you will be inundated. ;) If you want to play 40K, or even Fantasy, it's a desert out here. I don't understand it either.

  6. Wait, there are other 40k players in South Carolina? This is probably the most exciting development in my gaming life since moving to Charleston eight or nine years ago. I am at least relieved to see that your sense of the lack of gaming in this area is similar to mine. After years of disappointment I began to wonder if I was somehow just missing out. I really do hope you're able to start a GT, it would be great to see a better gaming environment fostered locally. I'm not too far away from you and would be more than happy to help out with anything I could.


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