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Friday, April 29, 2011

An Alternate CSM List Part 3

So far, I’ve introduced an alternate list for CSM other than a Lash list and talked about its composition. I’ve also discussed how you can tailor the list in a lot of ways to make it your own with suggestions and rules to follow. The next things to discuss are the critical tactics behind making the list work. I can’t possibly tell you everything you need to know, but what I can offer are some of the most critical tactics that you will need to gain an understanding of in order to make the basic principle of the list work. The first tactic to discuss is deployment, possibly the most important thing to this list. This list will be worthless to you if you get second turn and are blown out of all your rhinos before you even get to move. To prevent this from happening, you need to master the ways of the making your own cover and your own LoS blocking terrain using your trusty Rhinos and available terrain.

1. Using your own Rhinos as Cover (Basic)

At the very basic, if you can’t find any terrain to hide behind, you can use your own Rhinos to provide cover. With just one Rhino and some cheap troops, you can actually provide cover for a significant portion of your entire force.

See that your troups provide cover for the front Rhino while it provides cover for those behind it. When you deploy, deploy as to protect yourself from enemy fire. Also, recognize that you can stack your vehicles for even more cover.

2. Use Available Terrain and Your Own Vehicles To Extend It

It's ideal if you can use available terrain to completely block Line of Sight (LoS) to your vehicles. If you can't do that, you can use available terrain to give yourself cover.

See how in that image the Rhino is extending the length of the already available terrain, gaining a cover save for itself, and at the same time, it is blocking LoS to the one behind it. The other Rhino is completely out of LoS, behind the terrain.

3. Use Angles to Block LoS

Remember that LoS is drawn from the models shooting. You get down to the model eye level and look to see what the model can see. Use that knowledge and angles to completely block LoS with one Rhino to another. It's difficult but possible. Don't let your opponent cheat you here either with saying that he can see stuff when we really can't. In this image, imagine the enemy is across the table and a little to the right. As he looks down the table at the front Rhino at a slight angle, the Rhinos directly behind are invisible to him. (Pro Tip: Make sure your opponent agrees the vehicles is out of LoS before you end deployment so he can't argue later or at least get the arguing out of the way now before anyone gets a suprise.)

4. Red Herrings

A red herring is part of a bait and switch. The idea is to tempt your opponent into shooting at something that he feels is important but you don't care so much about. This is something I like to use Demon Princes for. Find him some cover, but make sure he's still at least partially visible. Rhino's don't need cover if they are busy shooting at your Demon Prince.

5. Split Terrain Features and the Coveted 3+ Cover Save

First, you can use available terrain that is split to gain cover and still group up for moving forward. Use your imagination a little and visualize how you can make that happen.

Also, recognize that if you turn a Rhino sideways in your deployment, almost the entire other side of the table is going to be in his side arc. If the enemy is looking directly at you and your side is against LoS blocking terrain, all he can see is the front or rear. Now, he's shooting at an arc he's not in, and thus, you get a 3+ cover.

Next time, I will get into the next set of critical tactics. Those are the tactics you use to get across the board and into range to start raining down the pain.

As promised, here's another list just to show you flexibility. This one is at 1500 points.


Kharn the Betrayer - 160

Summoned Greater Demon - 100

5 x Chosen + 2 x Melta + 2 x Plasma - 185
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x Chosen + 2 x Melta + 2 x Plasma - 185
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x CSM + Melta - 130
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x CSM + Melta - 130
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x CSM + Melta - 130
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x CSM + Melta - 130
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x Havocs + 2 x Melta + 2 x Plasma - 170
Rhino + Combi-Melta

5 x Havocs + 2 x Melta + 2 x Plasma - 170
Rhino + Combi-Melta

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  1. The GD in the above list is illegal because I forgot to add an aspiring champion. You can correct by dropping him and redistributing your 100 points.


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