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Friday, May 4, 2012

BAO Format Scorer Beta Version 1.2 Released


- Corrected known issue with Player Passwords being set to admin password when editing players in roster.
- Corrected known issue with Admin password being reset while editing players!  (Oops!)

New Features:
- Added "Remove Password" feature to both Roster Editor and main program.  This is intended for people who will not have players entering in their own data OR if you are just playing with the software.  Under Password, select Remove Password.  This will tell the program to stop prompting for passwords at each juncture.

- Added DEBUG Menu.

- Added Create Roster under DEBUG menu.  This will create a Tournament Roster automatically up to the specified number of players and rounds.  This will allow you to very quickly create tournament rosters without having to create them by hand.  This way, you can test/play with software easily.

- Added AutoFill under DEBUG Menu.  Use this in a round to automatically generate scores for all players in the round.  Use this to help you test/play with the software so as not having to hand key scores each round during your test.

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