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Monday, August 22, 2011

Game Plan

Not sure if anyone else does this or just me, especially everyone out there who follows the blogosphere pretty regularly, but with 3 days to go until NoVA, I find myself trying to match up my list versus those posted by other BLOGGERs.

I think one of the funny things about this kind of obsession is that you always assume the other guy who built that list actually knows how to use it well. That's rarely the case! (Speaking from personal experience here.)

The good news is, I haven't seen a list yet where I feel like I would get destroyed by it. So, I feel okay so far as long as my dice don't go to crap like last year. I'm still hoping to get destroyed by a Dark Eldar player as well so someone can show how this army doesn't fail at life! :)

I'm still sweating how I'm going to fight Guard well, and it's really bothering me about dropping that 6th Dread because of it. Those incinerators on that Purgation squad though really army money at taking out certain threats to my list. Not to mention, they are now a big part of my ability wrestle for mid-board.

Turns out that I'm not really liking the Jokearo, at least so far, but I'm probably stuck with it not with only 3 days to go. One thing I'm really hoping for here is that I don't regret not having the melta acolytes en masse for taking on Guard. Part of my original strategy was to drive forward in a big Razor wall vs. Guard and just suicide my melta vets to kill their Chimera walls. I won't be able to do that anymore!

So, my other big concern here are equally spammy GK lists. I guess we'll see if my theory about Strike Squads being not worth their points hold true in that kind of fight. The advantage here will be to me, though, with Dreads as I'll have 5 and he'll likely only have 3. Now, if I can just land that poor sucker who wants to let his Dreads shoot over his Razors so I can do the same but with a Shrouding librarian!

Anyone else obsess like this a few days before?


  1. I have heard about this all weekend from friends and gamers. In fact I spoke with a shop owner late last night about how many armies were different in a recent shop championship vs what they had been playing in a escalating tournament ( over a few months). It broken down to 63% switched their army entirely. When I asked a few players "why switched ?", the standard response was they felt "uncertain" that they would do well or be competitive vs. "insert army here". Out of the top 4 places , 1,2, and 3rd place had been using the same army through the ebtire escalation ( just adding or minor tweaks). The 4th place army was a different army all together ( Tau to nidz). Morale of the story. Don't doubt yourself as you are your own worst enemy. Play the army you know and have played a lot ( even if it's Necrons! )

  2. That's some very interesting info there and a good bit of wisdom. In the end, I suppose what really makes one question one's list is simply lack of experience which is what really matters.

  3. Well, I'm still not sure how to stop 3+ cover save Venerable Dreads putting out 4 S8 shots. Just one of those is a serious threat to my army and your running 3 Venearables and 2-3 normal. And they basically ignore Shaken/Stun results. Yeah, someone's gonna get frogstomped....and by someonen, I mean me.

    Lord, if I face this, at least let it be the first game so I don't have to sweat it out all day.


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