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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a thought for today

So, it's been rolling around in my head about the potential level of frustration of going to a tournament and not performing well, consistently, is exactly how I feel after putting hours into painting my army and it still looking like crap. Doesn't matter how much time or thought I put into it, it doesn't get any better.

Point? Not one at the moment other than making me glad right now we are running tier competition on our 2nd day in November.


  1. It sounds like you haven't found your artistic style yet. You are judging your own work by the values of someone else's work.

    To put it in other terms, a great 'nid player might want to give Wolves a try. So they build an army that works well for others. When he goes to tournaments he consistently finishes in the middle ranks. Wolves are not his strategic/tactical style.

    Personally my painting style is: I like interesting interaction of different colors on my models and then I dip them in Army Painter Quick Shade & Anti-Shine to fill in all of the details. I'm painting my "Pat's low model count Daemon army" now using a layered very wet brush technique to make the body parts of the model look like they are flame incarnate. Am I loosing a lot of sculpted detail with this technique? Yes, but that is not the point, I want something different and interesting to look at.

    Find your style that makes you happy with no thought of how others will value it. If it makes you happy other like minded people will value it also.

    Painting assignment:

    Only supplies allowed to use:

    One model of the size you typically use, primed in white
    One tapered chisel brush (like Army Painter's small drybrush)
    One small as you can get it detail brush (like Army Painter's insane detail brush)
    One pot of bright red paint (like GW's blood red)
    One pot of bright yellow paint (like GW's sunburst yellow)
    One pot of bright blue paint (like GW's ultramarine blue)
    One pot of pure white paint (like GW's skull white)
    One pot of pure black (like GW's chaos black)
    A piece of plastic to mix colors on
    Some water to clean the brush

    This is an assignment to look at the model and envision what it would look like. Find your artistic style, not someone else's.

    You are freed of someone else's choice of colors because you need to mix your own. The tapered chisel bush has a lot of different ways of applying paint. The insane detail brush has the ability to apply paint where you want it and not touch other parts.

    Try Army Painter Quick Shade & Anti-Shine at least once. Ask around someone might have some you can barrow, one can of each can easily do a 2000+ point army, so people usually have extra.

  2. The quick shade kicks butt. Been using that. The Anti-Shine though I've had serious problems with. The near 100% humidity here all summer long means that it frosts. I'm going to wait till winter and try again.


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