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Monday, August 8, 2011

NoVA Team Tournament Thunder Dome

We talk about this in Episode 81.

Stephen and I want to participate in the Team Tournament on Friday at the NoVA. However, we are going to be short a man. And, we want to know if anyone out there wants to be our 3rd.

We have no intention of taking this team tournament overly seriously. So, if you are looking to win this thing, we're probably not the team for you, not to mention it's Stephen and I... so your team mates aren't exactly awesome to begin with. :P

Anyways, assuming that more than 1 person wants to be our 3rd team mate, we are thinking about something fun to do to determine the 3rd team mate rather than just a random decision making process.

This will probably devolve into a 40k rendition of the Thunder Dome during the Whiskey Challenge on Thursday. I'm working on the rules for that now.

If you are interested in goofing off for a few minutes on Thursday and in potentially playing with us as a 3rd during the team tournament on Friday, please let me know either in this thread or via e-mail. I want to judge any interest that may exist in doing something like that.

If there isn't any interest, we'll do something else. :) (assuming anyone even wants to be our 3rd in the team tournament :P)


  1. pick me, pick me... errr, never mind :P

  2. Me, me, me!
    Oh wait, wrong coast.
    I am sure someone will want to play with the Myrtle Beach Wild Bunch!

  3. Always in the mood to goof off with you guys however I have to work a half day Friday, so that counts me out too. Sorry.

  4. Very cool if I was going to be there earlier I would compete to be the third wheel lol

  5. If I had not already volunteered to help ref the invitational, I would have added my rats to your cause. Good luck finding a third partner!


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