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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kevin's Display Board

My latest project is to build a display board for our resident Dr. Who fanatic. Leaving the grim, dark, 41st millennium behind, this board will based on Galiweg, Dr. Who's home world.

Unlike my previous board, the 24" by 24" dimensions will not work. This board needs to be dissembled to allow for travel. Here is what we have so far before we pour the paint and foam.

Start with two halves, each 15" by 15" with a support beam that is glued in place with Liquid Nails

Here two 24" supports with drilled holes goes over both halves

Add the first top of the display board. Yup, you will have two drawers to store books & templates

Both halves attached, giving you a mighty 15" by 30" board

A simple screw with a wing nut makes set up easy with no need for tools

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