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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ultramarines Display Board Tutorial

Over the past few episodes you may have heard me refer to "The Client" and his display board. The project is finally done and he has received his board just in time for Feast of Blades. This week I peel back the curtain to show how it was made.

Whenever some ask me to make something "I saw in White Dwarf" I know I am in for a challenge. In this case, the goal was to recreate the Ultramarines Judgment Hall from the White Dwarf.... I can't remember which number. It has the new Dark Angels on the cover. Additionally, he wanted the rest of the board to reflect the rocky, arctic conditions of Macragge, the Ultramarines home world.

Start with a 24"  by 24" piece of Pineboard
Ribs provide the board with strength so the board doesn't bend
Plus it makes a great drawer for your books
First idea of the stepped risers
Display boards need steps to allow the back figures to be seen
Before construction, use stand ins to visualize the concept
First layer of texture wallpaper is applied
Both layers now textured

Construction complete!

The structure is primed black, then layered with Vallejo Air Metallic Blue

Gold is added. The Gold areas are washed with Brown Ink

The base of the Tower was wood due to the weight.
Screws make the base easy to remove for travel
Junction Boxes frame out the sides of the board
Thin pieces of wood make a crisp realistic steps

The entire board is painted with Behr Downpour Grey
Board is dry brushed with White
The board was then airbrushed with blue to give the arctic look
Close Up the texture after the airbrushed blue

Final highlights done with white

Close up of the texture with the final highlights of white

Time to add some snow.

This ordinary joint compound that will dry white

Next, use clear caulking to create icicles from overhangs

Notice the Top Secret weapon to create the effect

Final product

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Comments always welcome.


  1. Hey Eric, Thanks for posting these :)

  2. wow eric! what is your website? how do people place orders with you?

    do you have a video showing how it opens and closes for talking in/out the books/templates etc?



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