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Monday, September 27, 2010

Orks for The Battle for Salvation

So! Turns out that I will, in fact, be brining my Orks to the Battle for Salvation. This is because of two reasons.

1) My consistent bad dice slump over the past few months has really gotten to me. I think over the last week I’ve finally broken the slump, but at the time I was very “irked” by the elite army bad dice roll mojo, and Orks don’t care about dice!
2) As a result, I offered to let Cheatin’ Steve take the Wolves instead of the ‘Dar. The reason? Because Steven didn’t want to play Mech ‘Dar again. They are boring to play, and Steven wanted something more fun and more killy. We started working on “fun” ‘Dar lists which were hyper-killy, but as you can guess, they weren’t exactly hyper competitive. As such, because the Wolves were making me angry and because Steven needed something to play, I offered him the Wolves.

Now, I kind of regret doing that because the modifications that Steven and I made to the Wolf list are just downright disgusting. I don’t think he’ll be winning best sportsman this time after people see that list!

So, that’s stuck me with the less competitive army, but what the heck! It’ll be fun, and just like at ‘Ard Boyz, someone is going to rue the day they under-estimated Orks when they meet me. I don’t expect to take home gold, but I will not do badly. If I can come home with a winning record, mission will be accomplished. Go green!

So, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks literally obsessing about this Ork list. I’ve lost sleep over this! Honestly, this was easier for ‘Ard Boyz. Orks perform much better at 2500 points. The reason for this is because while many MSU armies have already maxed out their power slots (like Heavy, Fast, or Elite) at 2000 points, my Ork lists generally have not. That additional 500 points could be over 60 additional Orks, another Wagon squad, 2 squads of Storm Boyz, more Lootas, etc. etc. I had a lot more flexibility at 2500 than I do at 2000. Believe it or not, I actually prefer 1500 or 2500 with Orks. That’s because at 1500 MSUs have a much harder time stopping Wagons, and at 2500 I can pack a lot more in. 2000 points is a sweet spot for MEQ MSU.

So, here’s the list. Be warned, this list is not for the feint hearted nor for everyone. You absolutely have to understand and “commit” to it in order for it to work. For most players, this list lacks versatility and inability to handle all comers. That being said, I would state that as a Xeno player, you must adhere to the golden, Xeno, tournament rule! There is generally a 60-75% chance you will be playing Space Wolves, Blood Angels, or Marines! Play the meta game because it will rarely fail you! All comers is for the birds with Xeno armies in my opinion! If you can fight MEQ MSU, you are good. If you just so happen to run into the Demon guy, oh well! Maybe he will roll bad! Just remember, those MEQ MSUs won’t be packing in the anti-Ork weaponry either. This is your best strategic weapon. Use it!

Ghazzie (I call him “Tiny”) – 225
Big Mek + KFF – 85

4 x Mega Nobz w/ Battle Wagon + Deff Rolla + Big Shoota – 275
4 x Mega Nobz w/ Battle Wagon + Deff Rolla + Big Shoota – 275
10 x Lootas – 150

3 x Mega Nobz w/ Battle Wagon + Deff Rolla + Big Shoota – 235
19 x Boyz + Nob w/ PK – 155
19 x Boyz + Nob w/ PK – 155
30 x Shoota Boyz + 3 Rokkits – 210

Battle Wagon + Deff Rolla + Big Shoota + Stikkbomb Chukka – 120
Battle Wagon + Deff Rolla + Big Shoota – 115


The grand strategy behind this army is Berserk Charge! There’s no holding back, and there are no second chances. You will dive on the enemy with extreme prejudice and die a horrible death trying to tie them up and greatly weaken them the whole game. Gut reaction of most opponents once they see 5 battlewagons on the board is to BACK UP and SHOOT. This is EXACTLY what you want to happen. You barrel into them, shoving them into a corner, and try to tie them up for the rest of the game. You then attempt to win with your backfield by taking quarters, objectives, or what have you.

The Berserk Charge works in this case because of the sheer lethality of Deff Rollas. NO! Don’t get me wrong! It’s not the Deff Rollas that will do the killing! It’s the threat of the Deff Rollas that do the killing. That’s because your MEQ MSU opponent will want to protect his massive parking lot, and he will want to shoot your Battlewagons to do it. This provides a 1+ invulnerable save for your 30 man mob (because they won’t get targeted) and some serious target priority issues for the Lootas. Second, when you disembark to assault, what does he shoot at with his meltas?! The meganobz or the wagons?! Decisions, decisions!

As you well know, I’m big on the mathhammer, so the “but mez Tauz will PEW PEWZ your Battle Wagons off da boardz!” doesn’t fly because they statistics don’t support it at all. 14 front armor (even 12 side) + Big Mek = Wagons make it. Not to mention, nobody plays Tau. :p The point sticks though for the Razor-spam you will face.

Last but not least, for this list to function, you must have a very, very keen understanding of how to multi-assault and proper wagon usage. I have years under my belt and wield this army like a surgeon. So, I’m ready!

That’s the strategy. Here’s the unit notes.


Okay, Tiny has taught me a valuable lesson through recent play testing. First off, he’s a total BEAST. He’s got more beast in his pinky toe than most other special characters do at 225 points. The guaranteed 6 inch WAAGH! Is money in the bag for my 2nd turn assault. Also, his one turn of 2+ invulnerable has been absolutely invaluable.

Because Ghazzie/Tiny can use his WAAGH at any time, I can wait till my opponent’s shooting phase to pop it. This allows Tiny to soak up melta shots with a 2+ invuln, saving him and the 3 man Mega Nobz with him. Bonus, I can pop the WAAGH “at any time” which means I can wait till he has already shot at me to do it. The fearless to boot is also invaluable because it may just prevent a Mega Nobz squad who just got shot up from running after the assault. I didn’t use to take Ghazzie because he is the same cost as a Boyz squad, but extensive play testing has taught me that Ghazzie/Tiny is the man.


I know that most Ork players don’t understand or appreciate the Mega Nob. However, you must consider some key points to this choice. First and foremost, the only other option I have to serve the same role are normal Nobz. Meganobz are greater than Nobz in ALL CASES for my army. 2+ > 4+/FnP in all cases. Meganobz come with Klaw and 2+ for 40 points. Nobz can’t even come close to that! 45 minimum just for Klaw. 50 for Klaw + Armor + additional 50 for Pain Boy. For the same attacks and close to save, Nobz would be 250 points versus 160 points. Mega Nobz are better.
Second, Mega Nobz are just like normal terminators save for the Slow and Purposeful.

I don’t know why people hate them so much! I know, I know, no invulnerable right!? True! But they do have 2 wounds, and they do have a 5+ cover from shooting (Big Mek). However, they also have one thing Terminators will never have that is beyond the unit. They have transport options that don’t cost 250 points! Holy cow! Didn’t think about that did ya? In fact, I can run 10 Mega Nobz in 2 FAST Trukks for the price of 5 Terminators and a Land Raider. Think about it. You can’t beat Orks ability to transport their “Terminators”. I can get two battlewagons for CHEAPER than a single Land Raider.

Mega Nobz serve multiple roles. First and foremost, can openers. Any given Meganob has just under a 50% chance to stun lock a vehicle that moved > 6 inches. If they didn’t move or moved less than 6, it’s just gross. Multi-assaulting Meganobz with a free 6 inch fleet out of a wagon, can stun-lock many vehicles at once. Good stuff! Meganobz also create a target rich environment. Shoot the Nobz or the Wagons? Death by Rolla or Klaw? You pick!

Only thing that sucks about Mega Nobz is LD 7. That’s where Ghazzie/Tiny comes in! Fearless for a turn. Good stuff. And a turn is usually all you are going to get anyways.

Also, Meganobz are my answer to large, FnP assault squads and other nasties like Death Company or other Khorne Berserkers. You have to have some defense against these kinds of units.

The three man Mega Nobz squad is Tiny’s retinue. He only gets 3 because he doesn’t need them.


Liked these in playtesting. I only have a few hopes for my Lootas. First, they draw fire. Second, I hope maybe to pop a single transport, a vendetta, or if I’m real lucky, a Manticore! Third, they “help” with my anti-wolf scout infiltrate measures. Say what?!

Okay, Lootas help against Wolf Scouts how? First, maybe it will prompt my opponent to “outflank” them. Second, they can spray down any in mid-field. Here’s the problem folks, if you don’t know already. A guy who infiltrates his Wolf Scouts in mid-field with melta guns can seriously wreck Battle Wagons in mid-field before they get across the board. I don’t want to stop to “deal” with them because that ruins the speed element and gets me killed. Lootas will help to spray down those scouts or cause my opponent to want to “outflank” to kill the Lootas.

Also, if my Lootas can pop just one transport, I can use that as a multi-assault trick to get “stuck in” as I leap from wagons and assault vehicles to provide my opponent with no units to shoot because they will be in combat.
The 30 Man Shootaz:

Okay, normally, I don’t take Shoota Boyz, but I have high hopes for this squad. They are going to be my swiss-army knife of “situational” fixes. Here it goes.

1) Can use Shootaz to soften up IG Blobs, to Spray down Wolf Scouts in mid-field, or whatever. 3 rokkits could be used to try and pop tanks or Vendettas, or whatever. Not good odds but who cares!
2) More importantly, they provide Wolf Scout infiltrate defense. 30 Shootaz on average wipe a 6 man scout squad! Woot! One down out of mid-field!
3) Even more important, they provide the hearty bodies I need to deflect IG Vendetta Alpha Striking. I got Sneaksie Plans for this dealing with putting Boyz “in between” Wagons to block that Alpha Strike.
4) They provide a 30 Man core to take Objectives or Quarters while the rest of my army is attempting to “corner” or “shove” my opponent into a corner to win the game.

Last but not least is the Stikkbomb Chukka. It’s there because I had 5 points to spend. The wagon it is on will contain a 20 man mob. I will attempt to use that as a situational tool to assault an IG Straken Blob (should I face one) in cover so I can go at the same time. Only reason!
The Big Shootas on the Wagons are not there for shooting. They are there to “absorb” a weapon destroyed result to prevent an immediate immobilized.


My current weaknesses are going to be:
1) Manticores in general which annihilate battle wagons.
2) Blood Angel all assault lists with lots of FnP. Nothing Orks can do about this.
3) Storm Ravens with Dual Blood Talon dreads hiding in them.

My current strength is not borne in this list but in the assumptions and general arrogance of the average MEQ MSU player that Orks suck.


  1. I like the compromises you came up with (lootas/shoota boyz) to alter the BW spam to address some of your concerns.

    I think you'll still have problems against canny foes on those two deployments we talked about, but its about as good as you can get.

  2. looks pretty sweet. wagons are a nightmere to deal with. Are you getting a 4+ or 5+ cover save Neil?

    I still think that 10 burna's in a wagon is an awesome unit. quite destructive, especially in the late game when vehicles have been run over and the BBQ is getting a bit rowdy


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