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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Demon Terrain

Every year I make a featured board for the 11th Company GT (being held November 8th & 9th in Myrtle Beach, SC) and this year was no execption. Earlier in the year, you guys voted overwhelmingly for a Demon style board.

Now as many of you who listen to our podcast are aware, our fearless leader relocated midway through the year and the idea having this year's GT was in jeopardy. I took the time to book some additional terrain projects & of course ran several seminars at NoVA.

So when it was annouced the GT was back on, I was super excited as this this an excellent event. Then I realized: I have 3 weeks to create a Demon world!

The early concept was simple: do a NoVA style terrain layout (since the 11th Company GT, November 8th & 9th, in Myrtle Beach SC is a NoVA style event). That means two hills, two ruins, two center blockers, and two difficult terrain pieces.

With the hills & ruins being in oppositye corners, the thought was to to have each of these pieces themed after on of the 4 chaos gods. At center, there would be large towers similar to the opening pages of the codex, with mouths for doors and windows. Lastly, the difficult terrain would be a cross between a volacnic eruption and the earth spewing chaos energies from below.

This the layout as it would appear on a 4 x 6 table. Did I mention I like my center LoS blcokers to be tall? I scrapped the mouth & face like doors as the holes were too big and did no blcok line of sight, which defeated the purpose of these pieces.

On my last project, I had good success adding propaganda posters to the ruins to give a more war torn look & added some color to the drab grey ruins. I thought I would try again here, this time using a warning to all mortals would approach. First, I printed out my "banner" using MS Publisher using a stock parchment background, Chiller font, and some of my favorite lyircs. Bonus points for who can identify artist & title (post your answer during our next Philippe segment)

I cut wave patterns and jagged edges to give a worn look. I then went over the edges with a thinned black with the airbrush. I then glued it to the tower using a decopage technique. The flame patterns on the sides were done using the dame method I used to paint my heldrake (see Hellturkey Cordon Blue in this BLOG for details)
The Tzeetch hill was the one piece that, no suprise, kept changing in concept. Originally was going to do the floating hill thing, which I though was predictable and I hate seeing those rods holding the up a floating hill. Then I saw the Blue scribes and thought "Library of the Damned" but after making a dozen 28mm books I scrapped that idea

Instead I went with the stairway to nowhere motif, with the glow done the same way as above. The river flowing underneath added some depth but if I had to do it again I would have made the colors brighter or used not such a dark color with the water effects. This is one piece I am worried about arriving in one piece as all of the stairs are floating
Skulls for the Skull Throne! Start with a simple Khorne icon carved out of foam. Paint red, the use a skull stencil and an airbrush. Super simple but time consuming. The temple walls are removable for easy storage.

My original plan was to add more blood & skull loose pieces, but my shipment of skulls did arrive in time.

The Temple of Excess. In stark contrast to the Khorne piece, this was all about foam cutting. The pattern was rather intricate but it paid off. Like the Khorne temple, each of the walls are removable for shipping & storage

Paint job was pretty simple. With more time I would have added more layers of color

Rotting Hill. Nurgle be praised, as this hill is actually the fly styled Nurgle Icon if look at it from above. I cut the basic hill shape out of pink foam. The rotten areas are spray foam. To get those cool pock marks, I sprayed the spray foam with water from a spray bottle before it had hardened. Mountain areas were paint a drab green called Jungle Trail from Home Depot, then dry brushed grey. The rot sections started Jungle Trail, then highlighted with a light tan, then airbrushed with orange to get that sickly look. Lastly, I added water effects to a few of the pool areas like the one on top

I wanted this to flat but still have character. I painted the board red, then made a 8 pointed star stencil and painted the black sections. With the stencil still in place, I flocked with black ballast. Finally, I removed the stencil and added orange highlights to the red sections with the airbrush. Next time I will experiment with clear gloss medium to give more depth to my layers of lava