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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ard Boyz 2011 (You need to table)

So, the Ard Boyz scenarios are up.

After you get done reading them, come back to the thread.

From there, yes go ahead and get all the /facepalm out of the way on the missions. It's Ard Boyz. Nothing is going to change on the missions. :)

Okay now, Ard Boyz scenario thought?

Scenario #1: (I find it absolutely hilarious that your Space Marine will get a WORSE armor save when he becomes a traitor).

Table Table Table.

That's the only thing you can rely on in this mission. The massacre spread is 10 KILL POINT. YES T - E - N! The reason for that is that they want to give you 5 KP for killing the traitor. This is fail for a lot of reasons...

Reason #1) If you both kill each others Traitor, you still have to win by T - E - N KILL POINTS to get max points.

Reason #2) What if you have to play against Orks and he shoves your Traitor into a 30 man mob and parks them at the back of the board, in cover, going to ground? How about a Guard player who castles up in a corner and places your traitor all the way in the back corner completely out of LoS. GG you lose.

Table. Table. Table.

That's the only way you can reliably win this mission. I'm half-way tempted to say, F scoring units if you don't want them. Go all Death Company. :)

Scenario #2) But we need our troop choices for this one. :( Or do we?

5 objectives, worth varying points. Clearly, the objectives in the center and unclaimed quarters are the money. In fact, to win this game, all you need to do is hold the Center + Any other objective. Then contest one.

My best advice is still.....

Table. Table. Table.

Because you need a F - I - V -E point spread to get a massacre. Yes, that's right. FIVE! That means, to get a massacre, you need to either prevent your opponent from claiming anything while you claim a bunch (or center). Maybe his own objective but no others.

By the time you do that...

You've all but tabled him. :)

Or you are playing some that can squat board center like a boss. Like Horde Orks for example? Maybe even some GKs?

The easiest way to massacre here will be to table. Other than that, you do need to include some minimal scoring units in your tabling list.

See, with the combination of Scenario #1 and #2, you need to table to massacre. If you don't massacre at Ard Boyz, you lose! We already know this. :P

Scenario #3)

Straight up VP.

But you need a 1100+ point spread to massacre.

What does that mean?


I could seriously see you pulling this off with no scoring units.


  1. Hasn't Ard'Boyz always been about tabling people with the dirtiest list possible? This doesn't surprise me.

  2. Absolutely, but they basically sucked any pretense at strategy out of the missions by creating those ridiculous spreads. The missions really aren't "that" bad in comparison to other 'Ard Boyz, but then we add some ludicrous spreads to get a Massacre. Since 'Ard Boyz uses battle points, that means even if you squeak 3 wins by playing to the missions, you still lose because other guys in the room have been tabling their opponents to get full points.

    None of these missions can reliably produce max points without a tabling.

  3. Which means I'll not be attending. I refuse to spend $$$$ for an army built to table. I play Eldar and they simply don't table. To add insult to injury, I can't even outflank with my War Walkers in the second mission.

    Add in that this event is taking place at various local stores, you can expect less than stellar terrain. Basically, line up the armies, pray for first turn and hammer your opponent.

    Great strategy. I think I'll pass.

  4. I like the night fight all three games. LOL.

  5. Maybe they did it to prevent people from getting massive leads after game one or two? I mean it is Ard Boys and it is about kicking ass and chewing gum, however GW is not requiring the Gum being WYSIWYG.


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