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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nightwish: Holy Concept Album Batman

Anyone out there a Nightwish fan and listened to Imaginaerum yet?

Now, I realize that they changed their sound a good bit in Dark Passion Play (after Tarja left), but holy crap, it's like an entirely different band on this one. Clearly, this is a concept album as the whole thing, musically, is actually very good and comes off to me like the sound track of a movie or a play.

Seriously, though, been waiting on a new album for a few years here, and uhm, wanted more Nightwish goodness or what? On top of that, I think they had lost a lot of the core fan base with the sound change in the last one. Have a feeling like anyone who was hanging on there is going to be gone after this one!

It's not bad, it's just completely different! If you are into a very well orchestrated CD which borders on neo-classical, you'll love it. If you are into some sweet Finnish symphonic metal.... gonna recommend you ignore this one.

There are just a few songs on there that are reminiscient of what one expected, but I guess like the DVD said, that era has ended?

Also, should add, if you used to like Nightwish before Tarja left.... this band is for you.


  1. I was disappointed when they traded singers, not because I don't like the new chick's voice, but because they went in a more "pop" direction. I haven't heard the new album, yet. I'll definitely be giving it a shot, though. Glad to hear you liked it.

    PS; Epica rocks.

    1. Epica is like my new favorite band in the genre. They are absolutely awesome!

    2. I would also recommend Nemesea and Delain, both are similar but different.

  2. There's something about Annette that bugs me and it's this shoulder-bop thing she does. A lot of pop band singers do it and it just looks out of place.To me at least, it comes across as a hangover from her ABBA tribute band singing days.

    Funnily enough, as I type this, I was just listening to Storytime on youtube, got bored and hunted down I wish I had an Angel although judgement will be reserved til I've heard the album in full.

    I quite liked Dark Passion Play but they did move away from the operatic sound after Tarja left but I'd imagine that few singers could pull off what she did with Wishmaster and Planet Hell etc. Maybe that move cost them their fanbase?

  3. They have a new album out!????

    To Amazon!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They do, but I"m warning you guys, as poppy as "Storytime" is, that's as close to "Nightwish" as it gets. From there on it, it's a wide variety of music from Cabaret, to children rhymes, to poetry readings, to some new age classical. It's basically a culmination of the path that Dark Passion Play was leading them.

    It's good and musically gifted, but it's not really "Nightwish". It's just good in a music appreciation kind of way.


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