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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BAO Format Scorer Beta 1.3 Update

Beta Version 1.3 Updates

- Dramatically changed the Sports Scoring application.  Final scores are now calculated by the computer rather than collected.  The algorithm used to calculate takes into consideration the average score a given player produces.  The goal then is to seek players who score well above average.  This helps out greatly with issues of players who always give away scores that are to high or to low.  To represent, the Sports Scorer now expects you to select Final Round when you are going to the final round. As players enter in their last round questionairre, it poduces the final file.

- Sports Scores are critically collected during the last round rather than afterwards.

- Sports Scores are now correctly imported into the main program.

- Created password box now which hides passwords as typed.  Helps with security.

- Added 4th category to the scorer which handles a player getting tabled.  A tabling is an auto-win.  Previously, there was no way to signify a table.  All scoring algorithms have been updated to handle a tabling score.

- Fixed issue with Appearance Scorer where the last item on the first category page had a duplicate entry.

The software has now been used to run 2 small RTTs.  These updates came from that experience.  Overall, the software worked very well, and there we no issues with players entering in their own data.

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