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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Helturkey Cordon Bleu

First Step - Primer Model Black
Second Step - using a stencil, I airbrush my flame pattern using Opaque White so it will pop against the black

Third Step - Using the airbrush, I apply Translucent Blue. The color is not strong enough to color the black but the white areas scream blue. Think of it as the airbrush version of glazing
Repeat steps Two & Three. The lower layers of flames will be darker since they have more of the blue painted on while the upper layers will be more white since they have fewer coats of the blue. I did three layers, but you can easily do more.

Fourth Step - I used whatever the new Boltgun metal is via brush on all the edges

Super simple. Try it with other ideas like screaming skulls, or make your own stencil using GW transfer sheets as a starting point. There also some great alien skin texture stencils for you Tyranid and Demon Players. For you Tau players, check out the hexagon camo patterns

Hope you enjoyed and please a comment below


  1. Very cool, Eric! I really need to try more stuff like this with my airbrush as painting patterns is a definite weakness for me. Nicely done!

  2. you rule,... do you do this on commission?

  3. Very cool work. I've not tried stencils as of yet, but the effect is very striking and am a huge fan of using airbrushes these days. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks really good Eric, well done

  5. Thanks for the compliments.

    My commssion plate is quite full for the rest of 2013 with the Eldar Craftworld board the 11th Company GT (Nov 9th 10th, Clarion Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC. Tickets still remain but going fast)

  6. Don't know how I missed this. Looks great. I really want to do something similar for Salamander Drop Pods.


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