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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Orks for Battle for Salvation Part 2

So, I'm still obsessing about my list.

Decided to go for a little more balanced approach! This one "feels" a little better.

Orks @ 2000 Points List #2

Ghazzie - 225
Big Mek + KFF - 85

4 x Mega Nobz w/ Battle Wagon + Deff+ RPJ + Armor Plates - 290
10 x Lootas - 150
10 x Lootas - 150

4 x Mega Nobz w/ Battle Wagon + Deff+ RPJ + Armor Plates - 290
18 x Boyz + Nob + PK - 149
18 x Boyz + Nob + PK -149
29 x Shoota Boyz + Nob + PK + 3 Rokkits - 245

Battlewagon + Deff + RPJ - 115
Battlewagon + Deff + RPJ - 115

Total: 1998

Okay, here's more thoughts!

#1: 3 of the 4 deployments are going to be 40 inch + gaps between myself and the enemy unless he moves forward. This means a few things. First, 1 extra turn for Battle Wagons. Second, long range guns are more in play here .

#2: Only 1 of the 4 missions is Objectives. Thus, needing to hold objectives is not a big deal. I'm thinking the 30 man Shoota Boyz can handle that job. I beefed them up with a Nob + PK because in missions where I don't care about objectives, they can mad dash towards the enemy and get ready to support the battle wagons in a brawl. For this, I would have preferred Sluggas, but in missions where objectives might matter, I'll be happy they can shoot. It's a big trade off!

The three rokkit MIGHT get one vehicle all game. The shootas will protect me from Scouts in the center. But, I now have 2 Lootas squads to do that as well. The Shootas can spray down any Strakken Blobs I don't want to mess with. All these are good.

Unfortunately, Ork shooting really, really sucks. So, in missions where I don't need the shooting, what good are they? They are even more terrible against BA who have FnP.

I'm torn here :(

#3: The extra 10 Lootas will allow me to potentially pop some transports before my Wagons get there plus provide more answers to Vendettas. if my opponent chooses to target my lootas, awesome! Because of the deployment, I can keep Lootas mostly at 48 inches. "Torrent of Fire" weapons don't usually have that kind of range. So, if they want to plink at my Lootas with Rockets or Cannons instead of my wagons, BE MY GUEST!

This adds more infilitrating scout defense as well.

#4: Big Mek got Armor and a Klaw. I figure at the 40 inch to get there range, there's no coming back! So, he might as well be ready to fight!

I'm also toying with the idea of splitting the 30 man shootaz into 2, 20 man shootaz with 2 rokkits each and no Nob. However, lack of objective missions makes me think this isn't worth it because I don't really need the troop choices.


  1. I like this list better. Also, I think those shoota boyz are going to do better than you think.

  2. I am not an Ork expert.Are 2 lootaz squads enough to pop the transports? Do you really own 4 battlewagons?

  3. @Fluger
    They better because I'm counting on it! :)

    The Lootas will not pop all the transports. What I'm hoping is that they will get at least one on my way across the board with the wagons which will set up safe multi-assault scenarios for me. The Mega Nobz, Boyz, and Deff Rollas will do most of the damage to the vehicles.

    And I actually own 6 :X


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