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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Talking Points - 1800ish Points

The next range of points commonly seen is the 1750-1850ish point range. For some time, this was the “standard” tournament size in the states. Although this is not necessarily as true anymore, it is still a common points range for a normal game.

The 1800ish Points range is generally considered the compromise level between a small 1500 and a larger 2000 point game. As an entity all of its own, the 1800ish point range offers a compromise between the Pros and Cons at the 1500 and 2000 point ranges, hence the compromise.


  • The additional 250-350 points over 1500 points allows for this range to have a bit more diversity. As such, it also allows for most armies to start to flesh out into a more “balanced” style list. The extra points allow players to pick up that “extra” unit or weapon which will allow them to “handle” a little more variety of opponents.
  • As with 1500 points, the point level is still small enough, especially at 1750, to generally appeal to a player’s ‘sense’ of having to be tactical while building a list but is less restrictive.
  • This point value comprises the sweet spot for some armies. Some armies needed just that little boost over 1500 to start working some new strategies that weren’t possible at 1500. For example, a “Loganwing” starts to become a little more viable and reasonable that this point level than at 1500 because the cost of Logan Grimnar himself is covered in the points boost.
  • This points level start to see a little more balance be applied to the game, especially for older codices which could not pack in a lot of power at 1500 unlike newer dex’s can.


  • Just as it is a pro that the point value increases for some armies and players, it is also a con for other armies and players. Albeit adding a bit more flavor, it also adds more room for some armies which some player will contend means generals are no longer have to be choosy about what they take.
  • More points mean more flexibility. You will start to see the breakdown of some very “rock, paper, scissor” strategies at around the 1850 level before armies have become more flexible and able to handle more situations. This is actually both a PRO and a CON. Some people prefer it this way. Others do not!


1850 is the standard game size.

This is so far from true as to be ridiculous. As many people that play at 1850 also likely play at 1750, 1500, and 2000.

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  1. I think my 1850 Ork list is significantly more competitive than my 2000 point list. I'm looking forward to Adepticon! :)


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