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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interviewed Nathan Fluger

I interviewed Nathan Fluger, will have to work on audio quality. Nathan contributes to BloodofKittens blog ( under Ork Defense Force. I interviewed him on how he runs his orks, and we talked about some events coming up.

"I know most of y'all aren't any where near Seattle; but on the off chance anyone comes on up that way (and since I'm giving it a shout out on a podcast); here's the site.

Our next 40k Tournament is Labor Day Weekend (Sept 4 and 5). Next year our 40k events will be part of the Official GT circuit.

Get in touch with Zen if you have any questions!


my editing schedule hasn't changed yet from below ;P, my little snotling is not feeling well, haven't had time to do much editing.

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  1. Totally awesome to get interviewed, had a blast. Been enjoying your podcasts; going through them now all trying to get a sense of things.

    I'll give you guys a shout out on my next blog post on Blood of Kittens as well (or rather, the next one that isn't in the queue).



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