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Friday, June 11, 2010

Interviewing Australia and New Zealand

Yesterday i interviewed Richard Rush from the Warpstone Pile blog (Http://, we talked about hobby stuff, he is also going to be at the Nova Open, and he has a beautifully painted Khornate Chaos Daemon army which is still a WIP but almost complete.

I also interviewed Chris Dietz, he is Xiebelvoule on our forums, we talked about his recent tournament and the Imperial Guard list he ran there.

I talked to Alan Borthwick from New Zealand. Ranked 4th on and best Tau General. We talked about tau and his wife's paint service and model base business (Http:// His interview was a bit of a challenge, lots of dropped packets and bad line quality. I hope the editing will work out. I may have to cal him again to redo small sections.

I interviewed Jason Miller this morning, he is a co-host on ManDollies ( a GW based podcast. I again had poor connections, multiple dropped calls, making me think my internet may be at fault..... We talked about his Chaos Space Marine army, the European Team Challenge, and comp scoring.

Finished editing Andrew Galea's interview.

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