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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rob Madeley, tour the USA

I have just interviewed Rob Madeley, the #2 ranked player in the UK. He has an interesting goal, he wants to travel the USA and play a 40k game in each state. The problem is obviously how to get this lined up. I have recorded a short promo, which I have edited and sent to all podcasts i know off.

still working on editing interview with Chris Dietz, Xiebelvoule on our forums.

In queue:
Tastytaste from the Bloodofkittens blog
Rob Harvatt, Australia Masters Winner
Nick Rose, member of the american team going to the ETC and Darkwynn on Bell of lost souls
Big Jim, BDJV on our forums, and Author of the Galaxy in Flames blog and regular contributor to the Space Wolves blog
Rob Madeley, Daemon player from UK, planning to tour the USA

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