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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Interviewing Captain America...

couldn't resist the pun. I am interviewing the team captain (Ben Mohlie) for the American team going to the European Team Competition tonight. I also have one lined up with Ben Curry from the Baddice Podcast based out of the UK, they are the official podcast for the ETC.

Completed editing Jason Miller's interview. His interview and Richard from DLT's interview should both make it on the show tonight with Andrew Galea's interview from RankingsHQ.

Currently working on editing for:
Tastytaste from Blood of kittens blog interview
Alan Borthwick from interview (top New Zealand player)
Rob Harvatt interview (He won the Australian Masters)
Richard Rush interview from TheWarpStonePile blog
Chris Dietz, Xiebelvoule from our forums interview

Working on setting up the following interviews:
Getting things worked out to interview:

Big Jim
Jeff Dunster
Rob Madaley
David Hill
Neil Kerr

Interviewing Nicholas Rose on Monday.

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